Energy Kingdom

Anderson Chiu

Anderson believes in incorporating weight training in order to maximize the after-burn effect while tailoring each client’s programs to their individual goals. His knowledge in areas of study, along with his experience in his functional training from NASM and ASP, has allowed clients to achieve their desired goals.


National Academy Of Sports Medicine (“NASM”) – Certified Personal Trainer
NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Australian Strength Performance (“ASP”) – Level One Coach
ASP – Hypertrophy I And Fat Loss Specialisation Certified

Poliquin Group – Foundation of Periodization & Program Design Certified

Rehab Master Certified
Rehab Essentials Certified

VIPR – LMT 1 Certified
TRX STC Certified
CPR/AED Certified


Training areas:

Personal Training
TRX Group Training
VIPR Group Training
Sports Rehab