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【真實個案】這位同學在私人教練針對矯正姿勢下之成果: 1) 因盆骨問題而逐漸形成「假肚腩」 2) 逐步拉直「曲背」後,胸部漸見改善及提升 3) 長時間做低頭族,矯正頸椎前傾,減少頸椎與脊椎負荷 4) 矯正姿勢=改善惡習,過程需時,不可心急

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Jenny’s wedding

This is another successful story accomplished by a devoted bride named Jenny. “I went to seek for help before my wedding and as you know, women tend to get nervous and agitated before the big day worrying they will not be at their prime condition, well now I was one[…]

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Coco’s abs transformation

Coco came to us after giving birth to two lovely daughters to get back in shape….. I took a few months to see significant improvement on my body, especially the abs. The transformation is very clear and the body has become substantially more aesthetically pleasing. Of course you may say[…]

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